Veite Cryogenic Equipment and Service, Inc., formerly Cryogenic Equipment and Service, has been in operation since 1969 serving the United States, Mexico and Canada with operations at our 14,000 square foot facility in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Our people make the difference. Veite Cryogenic Equipment and Service employs an expert staff with over 100 years of cumulative experience in the cryogenic and high pressure industrial and medical gas industries. VCE is an associate member of the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA), and has sustaining memberships in the AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY (AWS). We carry a high proficiency of knowledge in the manufacturing of many different types of cryogenic equipment.  This knowledge was gained through actual “hands-on” work experience with this equipment throughout the years and many beneficial transactions of specifications and technology.  VCE has installed vessels manufactured by TAYLOR WHARTON, MINNESOTA VALLEY ENGINEERING, CARDOX and TOMCO. We have serviced in every state in the country and to nearly everyone in the compressed gas industry. 


VCE has been involved with the design, manufacturing, installation, modification and repair of all types of cryogenic and high pressure systems such as cryogenic to high pressure gaseous Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Helium and Hydrogen cylinder filling systems, cryogenic to gaseous supply systems for commercial manufacturing and medical Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide supply systems.  VCE also works with all types of liquid storage, supply, control and delivery systems.  Check out our services page for more info the cryogenic services we provide.


All systems produced by VCE are of the highest and most advanced standards currently available.  We use commercially manufactured sub-assemblies along with many assemblies of our own design to build the safest, most durable and easiest to use system on the market.   The VCE high pressure charging manifold and controls have become a national standard and are being used in every state in the Union. The greatest advantage we provide our customers is our ability to do the complete job from understanding their problems and needs, to the sale and installation of a complete working system.  This, along with our follow-up support of replacement and repair parts, general knowledge and fast service helps to ensure your business is running efficiently.  VCE operates in an expedient manner due to our small group of knowledgeable personnel which can handle a considerable workload.

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